Mikaela Cochran
USA, Remote
Strategy, cost-effectiveness, and innovative finance
Best Use of Resources

Mikaela Cochran

Advisor, Best Use of Resources

Mikaela Cochran is a Best Use of Resources Cost Advisor, focusing on Climate, Economic Livelihoods, and SRMNH. She has been with the IRC since May 2022. Prior to the IRC, Mikaela had 7 years of experience in impact evaluation work with the Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED), Elite Research, and Compassion International. As an impact evaluation specialist she designed, implemented, analyzed, and delivered results of experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations in Haiti, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan (all in-person, other than Pakistan). Mikaela is completing her doctorate part-time in Policy Research and Practice with the University of Bath, where she is evaluating how actor mental models affect practice in anticipatory actions. Mikaela holds an MScRes in International Political Economy Research from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a BS in Economics from the Rochester Institute of Technology.