Fides Kirimi
Kenya, Nairobi
Research and evidence

Fides Kirimi

Evidence to Action Climate Specialist

Fides is currently serving as a Climate Specialist in the Evidence to Action (E2A) team at Airbel Impact Lab.

Fides has a background in Environmental Science and Geospatial Information systems, and has extensive experience in climate change research including as a climate activist, as an alumnus of the Conservation Leadership Program, at the UNU-Climate Academy, at the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice, as an Associate Expert on Environmental Impact Assessment, as a former consultant on a Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security.

She is passionate about deriving scientific pieces of evidence as decision support tools to inform climate change governance, policy and advocacy that influence climate responsive policies, inform intervention action planning, and contextualize practices for transformed and empowered societies for improved outcomes at scale. She has taken up various technical advisory roles in mainstreaming climate change into programming, leveraging scientific-based approaches through research, Monitoring, Evaluation and learning, to inform decision-making processes to implement evidence-based data-driven climate response strategies that build inclusive agendas in addressing climate crisis, climate security as well as climate justice for resilient societies and economies.

Her other interests include traveling, a keenness to experience and appreciate diverse cultures, and learning new languages.