Caitlin Tulloch

Caitlin Tulloch is Associate Director, Best Use of Resources at the IRC, where she leads a team conducting the cost-efficiency and -effectiveness of humanitarian programs. Since 2015, this team has conducted 10 cost-effectiveness analyses and more than 100 cost-efficiency studies, and created the Systematic Cost Analysis (SCAN) software to enable rapid, field-based cost studies. While at the IRC, Caitlin has served on advisory panels about cost analysis in the humanitarian sector, including the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Task Team on Activity-Based Costing, the Value-for-Money group of the Grand Bargain Cash Workstream, and more. Prior to the IRC, Caitlin studied infrastructure resource allocation with the Public Financial Management Unit of World Bank Indonesia, and spent four years at the Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) where she managed the organization’s portfolio of cost effectiveness analyses.  

She is the co-author of J-PAL’s paper on a standard methodology of cost-effectiveness analysis for development programs, which was the basis for a comparative cost-effectiveness analysis of more than a dozen programs to increase enrollment and attendance in the developing world. She has also published on best practices for using economic evaluations in decision-making, and a recent paper on inference from cost-effectiveness studies using a microeconomic framework