Ayah Younis

Ayah Younis is a human-centered designer and a children’s literature writer with 10-years of experience in education in museums. She works with the Airbel Middle East team and Ahlan Simsim program to design relevant and easy to adopt programs for children and caregivers realizing innovative and user-centered delivery modalities.

Previously, she held the position of Education and Programs Manager at the Children’s Museum Jordan (CMJ) in Amman, where she designed and managed the implementation of playful learning experiences for children and facilitators in science, art, literature, and technology. Younis contributed to the designing and implementation of CMJ strategy and local and regional flagship projects. Ayah has designed and delivered several art and writing workshops for children and youth in Jordan and the Middle East. Ayah Younis has authored seven children’s books and presented a research paper on children’s literature. Younis holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan, in Amman.