Generating Evidence for the Use of Cash Relief for Health Outcomes

Cash relief is an intervention that has proven to be one of the most effective and well-evidenced tools to help vulnerable people survive and recover in emergencies. With an increase in the use of multipurpose cash grants to help households affected by crises to meet a variety of needs, it is necessary to understand the extent to which cash assistance will be useful in enabling individuals to achieve health outcomes. 

This research takes the first step towards addressing the evidence gap to determine the appropriateness and feasibility of cash assistance to achieve health outcomes. Our approach is to collect information on the predictable and unpredictable health needs of beneficiary households, how these needs are currently met, and the role of cash assistance in meeting these needs. In parallel, we will conduct health assessments in the areas where cash programming is ongoing to document the environmental factors necessary (from a supply perspective), such as health services of acceptable quality and quantity, in order to propose the use of cash for the purpose of increasing access to and utilization of health services. 

The Airbel Impact Lab at IRC is a team of researchers, strategists and innovators committed to the accelerated design, rigorous evaluation and cost-effective scaling of the most impactful solutions supporting people affected by crisis.