Engaging sub-national authorities in accountable practices

The Engaging Sub-national Authorities in Accountable Practices project will aim to increase the influence of Congolese citizens on sub-national decisions that affect their lives such as in provincial and local governance, and essential service delivery. The Engaging Sub-national Authorities in Accountable Practices project will achieve this result by firstly establishing a political economy and poverty analysis facility capable of identifying the intersection between needs and opportunity for systematic change, and secondly by piloting approaches aimed at resolving twenty sub-national governance and accountability problems. Building on the latest evidence and lessons learned on how change happens, the project will use an adaptive and iterative approach to solving problems that matters most to Congolese citizens, especially women and girls. By supporting collective action of ten “Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation” teams, comprised of sub-national authorities, community leaders, faith-based, and civil society organizations representatives, this project will reach 300,000 Congolese, out of which 180,000 will be women and girls, in peri-urban and rural settings.

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