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Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crises (ERICC)

Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria

Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC) is a three-year Education in Emergencies (EiE) research programme funded by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and comprised of four main components:

1) Research on the most effective approaches to education in conflict and protracted crisis,

2) In-Country Operational Support,

3) Promoting research uptake across FCDO and the international community, and

4) Knowledge Systems Strengthening

The IRC leads the ERICC Research Programme Consortium (RPC), comprised of IRC and seven of the world’s leading research organizations focused on education in crisis and conflict settings, which is tasked with delivering Components 1 & 2 of the programme in seven FCDO focal countries and contexts — namely Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Syria. The ERICC RPC will coordinate closely with the leads for components 3 & 4.

ERICC seeks to conduct rigorous research on what works, for whom, when, and at what cost in all ERICC focal contexts in order to present specific recommendations to positively impact Education policy and practice.

To ensure that research responds to the acute needs of learners, the overarching research methodology begins with country scans - detailed evidence reviews and advisory committee workshops over the course of six months to identify key gaps and needs in education systems. These country scans will guide co-construction of full country research plans and will be iteratively reviewed with updated information in order to ensure that research remains relevant.

Starting in the second year of the programme, ERICC will leverage early learnings from research agenda creation to initiate operational support activities in FCDO focal countries, including providing technical support to country offices undertaking EiE programmes, and releasing calls for proposals for complementary ERICC research projects to be undertaken by researchers, institutions, and organizations operating in crisis contexts. These mechanisms are designed to expand ERICC’s reach within and outside of focal countries and regions and grow the overall body of research and researchers in the EiE field.

The Airbel Impact Lab at IRC is a team of researchers, strategists and innovators committed to the accelerated design, rigorous evaluation and cost-effective scaling of the most impactful solutions supporting people affected by crisis.