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Validation of social-emotional learning measures in Nigeria for use in the Education Crisis Response project

We identified measures of social-emotional learning (SEL) that could be used to evaluate changes in students’ SEL competencies in the context of the Education Crisis Response project in Nigeria (NECR). A series of analyses were conducted to collect evidence of validity and reliability for:

  1. The Social Competence Scale (teacher report)
  2. The Moods and Feelings Questionnaire (student report)
  3. The School Engagement vs. Disaffection Scale (student report)
  4. the Hostile Attribution Bias Questionnaire (student report)
  5. The Safe and Supportive School Environments Questionnaire (students report)

Given that NECR has been using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (teacher report), we also collected data using this instrument to aid in the process of the validation.